Cannot Access API URL

Hi, I am a newbie with tyk. I got a problem exactly like this question I try to fix this problem but still can’t find any solution. I hope someone could guide me with this issue.

Thank you

Where are you installing? Can you look at debug level logs when sending a request through the gateway and have you gone through the on prem startup docs?

Hi, thank you for the reply,

I Install tyk on Ubuntu 16.04 (VM). I’m following these link . And also I have installed all necessary application including

Dashboard on Ubuntu
Tyk Pump on Ubuntu
Gateway on Ubuntu
This is my tyk dashboard configuration

sudo /opt/tyk-dashboard/install/ --listenport=3000 --redishost= --redisport=6379 --mongo=mongodb:// --tyk_api_hostname=$HOSTNAME --tyk_node_hostname=http://localhost --tyk_node_port=8080 --portal_root=/portal --domain=“”

Hi, any suggestion about my case?

Can you show me an example curl you are using to try and access