Xml validation in payload inspection

HI Team, As per the project requirement. I have to do the payload inspection but data coming in the incoming data is in xml format not json.

I want to do basic payload inspection for request xml.

Can you Please suggest here, its quite urgent.

Hi @saloni512, we do not have an inbuilt way to validate XML. However, you could orchestrate your own XML validation via a custom plugin

May I have any link or document on how to write custom plugin for basic xml format validation.

Here is the documentation link to custom plugins. You can use either of the supported languages.

can we use webhooks for xml format validation?

I don’t think so. If I am correct webbook is a one way traffic.

Can I write plugin in Java?

Do you have any kind of sample code for xml format validation

Yes you can. We have a few samples that could be of help to you.

However, we do not have a sample code for xml validation, unfortunately.