Why can the list of keys not be pulled?

I try to get list of keys as described here, but can’t…

is it a bug, wrong documentation or am I missing something?

$curl  -H "authorization:xxxxxxxx6d130c4231488xxxxxxxxxxxxx" \
 -s -H "Cont>     -s -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
>     https://mydomain.com:3000/api/apis/63d456484d1b42XXXXXXXXXXX/keys
  "Status": "Error",
  "Message": "Could not retrieve keys",
  "Meta": null

Thanks & Regards

Hi @tirelibirefe, Are you using OnPrem dashboard?

If you are then could you share the dashboard logs in debug mode.

Hello @Olu
Thanks for your attention.
I opened an official ticket; things are going on there.

Thanks & Best Reagrds