Versioning based on First Url Segment

I am trying to use URL based versioning in Community Edition. To use header based, you add something like this.

"definition": {
        "location": "header",
        "key": "x-api-version"

What is the location name for first url segment? I do not have GUI to select from a drop-down as in the premium version. This isn’t specified here API Versioning

That page only has example relating to header.

I’ve found the answer by referring to this example. Listen path matching rules - #3 by gwshaw

You need to change to the following

 "definition": {
        "location": "url",
        "key": "version"

I am passing v1 and v2 as that is what they are defined as (not named) in the version_data config. Name can be anything.

"versions": {
            "v2": {
                "name": "v2",


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