Validation Error JWT for Auth0

I’m new here. I’m using the cloud gateway.
I’m trying to link my api to Auth0 using OpenID as the doc is specifying
I’m getting 401 when I try to use an apparently valid token in the api, (I can parse and validate token and signature locally)

I try debugging the api and I see this error

Validation error. Validation error. Failure while decoding the jwk retrieved from the endpoint square/go-jose: invalid JWK, x5t header is of incorrect size

Has anybody had this problem? Not sure if is with my configuration in tyk? or auth0?

Update: I found this issue reported in Auth0
Opening a ticket to support so they can check if this is the problem I’m hitting

Hi Esther, thanks for your interest. We have answered your enquiry and confirmed that this issue is indeed with Auth0.
Stay healthy!