Updating the quota of a policy

Hello, I have created a policy with some rate limit and quota. If the quota for a particular developer expires, I want to update the quota only for that key associated with the developer. Could anyone pls tell me the steps to do the quota upgradation for that developer only? Documentation is very confusing.


Quotas for a particular key can be reset via the Dashboard by clicking “Update” when looking up that key under System Management → Keys. This should work whether the quota is on the key itself or an attached policy.

If you’d prefer to do this via an API call, have a look at //tyk.io/docs/tyk-apis/tyk-dashboard-api/api-keys/


Thanks Luan, But some errors are in the documentation, I have found the API and updated the key successfully

Glad you managed to get it working, I have raised the errors on that page and we’re working to fix them.