Unblock a locked key after rate limiting

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Sender:Senthil Muniswamy.
Date:Monday, 14 December 2015 22:10:13 UTC.

Hi Martin,

A key was blocked due to exceeded rate limit threshold. I have updated the key with a different policy from tyk dashboard. Key still results in “Rate limit exceeded” error. I have to manually delete the rate-limit-keyid.BLOCKED key from Redis to make it work.

Is it a bug or am I supposed to configure/reset any other setting?


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Sender:Martin Buhr.
Date:Monday, 14 December 2015 22:23:40 UTC.

Hi Senthil,

The block will expire automatically after the rate limit period (so if it’s 1000 per minute, the block will go after 60 seconds), what kind of rate limit period were you running?

If it’s an instant fix needed, then removing the block manually is the only thing you can do for now.

This is a new rate limiter, it handles rate limits off-thread to reduce latency and uses a block sentinel with an EXP to enforce the limit. The assumption of course is that rate limits are over short periods, so it doesn’t affect usability.

We might want to change the key update function so that the reset quota which happens when a key is updated also removes any outstanding block. Will put it on the roadmap.


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Subject: Unblock a locked key after rate limiting
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