Unable to select day 31 on Tyk Dashboard

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A minor issue - I noticed that I am unable to select 31 for the day in the Tyk dashboard for “Activity by Key.” (Screen shot attached.)

Is the “Activity by Key” available via a REST API? I looked for the dashboard on GitHub to provide a pull request but I think I saw it is closed source. Is that still the case?


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Hi Jeff,

Yes the dashboard is closed source. But we track issues for it on the gateway GH pages, so you can raise the issue there.

Anything the dashboard can do can be done with an API call.

We haven’t documented the analytics API yet, but someone on the forum has actually reverse engineered it and posted some info on how to pull stats.

The dashboard is mainly just a client for the advanced API, so everything is available.

Good catch, we’ll fix the drop down (it doesn’t mean day 31 isn’t available, just select the 1st of the following month to see the 31st data, it’s in the DB, just a UI bug)


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