Unable to login to RPC[hybrid.cloud.tyk.io:9091]


Recently we noticed a following problem:

Error message
level=warning msg=“[RPC STORE] CheckReload: Not logged in”
level=warning msg=“[RPC Store] Login failed, waiting 3s to re-attempt”
level=error msg=“RPC Login failed: gorpc.Client: [hybrid.cloud.tyk.io:9091]. Cannot decode response: [unexpected EOF]”

According to our logs it has been happening for a week at least.

Thus our gateway instances unable to talk to a database in a cloud.tyk and getting any updates: api changes, key changes.

There were no changes in RPC(organisation id) or API key which we are using(in our configuration)

Can it be because something has changed on tyk side regarding our organization key?

Currently the system is working because it works with a backup inside the redis instance, but it is unable to sync with cloud because login has been failed.


It looks like you’re a paying customer, if you visit support.tyk.io and create an account you can raise a ticket there. You’ll likely get a quicker response from our support team than on the forums.


I’ve created an “Urgent” ticket there 6 hours ago without any response.
Here i got one response in 16 minutes :slight_smile:

Well, the standard technical response time here is 48 hours. It will likely be quicker there for technical support.

Of course, you don’t have an SLA at present so it’s not a guarantee - but I see your ticket in there and we’re taking a look now.

Thank you. I just thought maybe i was hitting the well known issue and its better to ask here as well.