Tyk pump not loggin geo

Hi I wonder if there is anything I have to configure or what’s the condition for tyk-pump to be able to log the geo information. Now I’m getting all the values empty and also is not getting the host:

            "country": {
                "iso_code": ""
            "city": {
                "geoname_id": 0,
                "names": null
            "location": {
                "latitude": 0,
                "longitude": 0,
                "time_zone": ""
        "network": {
            "open_connections": 0,
            "closed_connections": 0,
            "bytes_in": 0,
            "bytes_out": 0
        "latency": {
            "total": 0,
            "upstream": 0

This is the conf I’m using

    "analytics_storage_type": "redis",
    "analytics_storage_config": {
        "type": "redis",
        "host": "localhost",
        "port": 6379,
        "hosts": null,
        "username": "",
        "password": "",
        "database": 0,
        "optimisation_max_idle": 100,
        "optimisation_max_active": 0,
        "enable_cluster": false,
        "redis_use_ssl": false,
        "redis_ssl_insecure_skip_verify": false
    "log_level": "debug",
    "log_format": "text",
    "purge_delay": 1,
    "health_check_endpoint_name": "hello",
    "health_check_endpoint_port": 8083,
    "pumps": {
        "stdout": {
            "type": "stdout",
            "meta": {
                "log_field_name": "tyk-analytics-record",
                "format": "json"
    "dont_purge_uptime_data": true,
    "omit_detailed_recording": false,
    "max_record_size": 1000

You would need to enable geo_ip and set the geo_ip_db_path in the gateway config file. The configurations are below

You can get the geo_ip_db_path when you signup for a license with MaxMind. Or you can get a free version with less accurate data

Hi @Olu and why do you think I’m not getting the host?