Tyk Pump from CE gateway with OpenAPI

Hi All,

Is there a way to have OpenAPI “operationId” field retrieved by Tyk Pump (sent to ElasticSearch) to allow usage statistics among “operations” instead of routes ?
(Or at least a way to have operationId displayed anywhere)


Elastic search supports “tags” field. So if you add this tag to the request, like “operation-” it should work. And in order to add new tag, your Gateway MW can add custom header and use tag_headers to transform it into the analytics tag Custom Analytics Tags using HTTP Headers

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ok thx !
but can this tag be fed automatically by OpenAPI definition so as not be have to specify each route in the gateway ?

It is tricky at the moment.
The best what you can do now, is to define some mapping inside API metadata and then use this object inside your plugin.