Tyk Open Source: Binding gateway to a domain

I have a couple of APIs that I want to proxy through Tyk Community Edition.

Stupid question for a start, but I have the sub-domain gateway.mycompany.com pointing to the server with Tyk installed on it. How do I get Tyk to listen to requests on that domain? Do I need to interface with Apache using ProxyPass etc to do it, or is there a direct way?


Welcome to the Tyk community!

Tyk Gateway can listen on all domains (default), or a specific domain such as gateway.mycompany.com - This can be achieved by setting your Tyk Gateway Hostname: Tyk Gateway Configuration Options

Each API could have it’s own custom subdomain too.

e.g. apifoo.gateway.mycompany.com or apibar.gateway.mycompany.com to achieve this by enabling custom domains in your gateway configurations:


And then in your API Definition, you would specify the domain that the Gateway would listen on in the domain field of the API Definition object API Definition Objects.

You would need to have DNS / Load Balancer configured to point traffic to the gateway and then let the gateway internally handle routing to appropriate API for you.