Tyk K8s self-managed configuration

Hi, how are you ? I need a help about how to configure tyk in self’managed k8s cluster…

Hi @Tomas_Caetano ,

We’re here to help! What part are you stuck on? Are you following one of our tutorials, blogs, or YouTube videos?

Let us know how we can assist.


Thank you for replying…
I used this repo tyk-helm-chart following this YouTube tutorial …
Then i wast trying to add httpbin service and i got and error: [No matches for kind “ApiDefinition” in version “tyk.tyk.io/v1alpha1”]…
Maybe i following wrong steps and tutorials.
Can you give me a path to follow…

The YouTube Tutorial Install Tyk API Gateway on Kubernetes

@Tomas_Caetano ,

I believe you’re confusing the Tyk Gateway and the Tyk Operator.

The Gateway is the Api reverse proxy that handles your traffic. The Tyk Operator is what’s used to manage the Tyk Gateway via CRD, such as ApiDefinition.

This error:

[No matches for kind “ApiDefinition” in version “tyk.tyk.io/v1alpha1

Is because you tried to install an ApiDefinition type, but it is not installed in your cluster. Can you please follow the install instructions to run the Operator locally using these steps

Hi, i am following this tutorial tyk-self-managed/tyk-helm-chart/ and after applying this cmd helm install tyk-pro tyk-helm/tyk-pro -f ./values.yaml -n tyk --wait i am having this error :
Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: template: tyk-pro/templates/secrets.yaml:13:24: executing "tyk-pro/templates/secrets.yaml" at <.Values.redis.pass>: can't evaluate field pass in type interface {}
NOTE (redis.pass definition inside values.yaml) : - pass: “myPassword”