Tyk is redirecting (301) and removing duplicates slashes


I have an api which takes an argument (website url) after “snapshot” like this :


But tyk is redirecting to this url (note there is only one slash after http) :


Where can i modify this behavior, in order to prevent tyk rewrite url ? and prevent redirecting (301) ?


This issue already fixed in master URL parameters that contain http:// as a field group (even url encoded) are misinterpreted when the proxy URL is reconstructed. · Issue #340 · TykTechnologies/tyk · GitHub

2.3.2 release should happen this or next week.

But if you can’t wait, and ok with building stuff manually, here is the branch which will be released soon https://github.com/TykTechnologies/tyk/tree/release-2.3

Leonid, Tyk Team

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Thank you leon.

It seems that this fix resolves the “duplicate slashes” issue, but does it fix the redirect issue too ?

It redirects exactly because of double slash, so I assume it should help. If you are using Linux, here is binary for you based on our upcoming release tyk-fixed-double-slash

It is NOT for production use, but will give you feeling if bug is fixed.

Ok, thank you Leon ! :slight_smile:

Do you know exactly when the new release will happened ? Is there an easy work around ? With URL designer and rewrite url or something else ?

It will be released at the start of next week. Unfortunately, do not think this can be fixed with URL rewrites: this is behaviour of low-level HTTP handling library we use. The only alternative is to compile it manually :frowning2:

Leon, Tyk Team

Thank you, I will wait for the new release :slight_smile: