Tyk.io Returning 503s Today

One of our consumers reported getting several 503s today at 6:39AM (central time). After an investigation in our downstream processes, we ruled out anything beyond Tyk (Cloud) that could have generated the 503 status. I noticed on Tyk’s status page that there was a less than 100% uptime today. Was there a problem around 6:39AM (central)?

Hey Caleb - I’m just checking with engineering and will come back to you asap.

Just so you know, as you’re a paying client you can use our helpdesk if you want support.tyk.io :slight_smile:

Would you mind linking me to the statuspage where you saw that data?

This is the page: Tyk Cloud Status Status

And this is the line I am referring to:

The 99.92 falls on Nov. 22nd (the same day of the incident we experienced).

Has there been any updates to my inquiry?