Tyk Gateway Outputs [ ]

Hello, I’m trying to learn API Gateway software and I want to use this system, but I couldn’t do much with the documentation. When I send a post or get request to my API Gateway, I see [ ] I don’t know why, I’m a bit of a beginner.


Hey, please be mindful about what you include in your screen grabs. Assuming you are happy with them remaining visible, we can start by asking which getting started guide you followed? That will let us know what conf you have started with and what defaults we should expect.

I presume you went with OSS and chose one of the options here: Install ?

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Thank you James, I already changed the secret key right after I took the screenshot. I guess the problem was because I didn’t delete the files in the Apps folder. At first I suspected the Reverse Proxy and Cloudflare connection, but I installed with Ansible from the beginning, I faced the same problem again, then when I deleted everything in the Apps folder, my problem was resolved. I can add APIs and everything is perfect. Moreover, it was better to install it with Ansible. I didn’t have to deal with Docker settings. Thank you for your time, James.


That’s good to hear, glad you got it running. Let me know if you run into any more issues