Tyk Gateway 2.5.1 and more

The first wave of bug fix releases is here.
Today we are releasing Tyk Gateway 2.5.1, Tyk Dashboard 1.5.1, Tyk Pump 0.5.1 and Tyk Sink 1.5.1

We found major issues in our packages across all products:

  • Fixed all the packages compatibility with Upstart 0.x (tested on 0.6.5)
  • Better compatibility for different Upstart installations when removing the packages
  • Fixed sysvinit script arguments for the pump package
  • Fixed tyk-dashboard signature for rpm packages

Certain distributions with Upstart as their init system (especially older RedHat based, e.g. CentOS6, EL6, Amazon Linux) are utilising initctl command directly instead of passing through service to manage the Upstart services. Alternatively the generic start, stop, restart, status commands may be used. We have added a separate guide on linux init systems //tyk.io/docs/tyk-on-premises/

Additional fixes:

Tyk Gateway 2.5.1

  • Fixed StatsD instrumentation
  • Show Gateway version if override_defaults is turned on

Tyk Dashboard 1.5.1

  • Make plugin accordion headers clickable
  • Fixed showing HMAC secret if key created via API
  • Fixed custom domain field validation
  • Do not require quota reset period, when creating a key, if quota max is not specified