tyk_context.HEADERVALUE not working

Tyk version used - v3.0.1
One of our upstream sends a header Xapi-Correlationid to tyk which I’m trying to rename to X-Correlation-Id, keeping the same value, before sending it to downstream. Following the documentation, I deleted the header Xapi-Correlationid in API’s Global settings and the added header X-Correlation-Id with value as $tyk_context.headers_Xapi_Correlationid. Though the header is renamed , the value is not being sent to downstream system. If I add a static value(like test123 or something) instead of taking the header value from tyk_context, it works. So, looks like tyk_context is not holidng the header value.

This doesn’t work:

Hi @saccin and welcome to our community!
let me replicate this scenario and get back to you ASAP.