Tyk Cloud Dashboard No Longer Generating API Keys

I just noticed that the Dashboard in Tyk Cloud is no longer generating API keys. When the developer requests a key, the developer receives an email message with an empty key. Also, the Developer Portal shows an empty key. I also tried this on another Tyk Cloud account and got the same response. Any idea what is happening here? Here’s the email message from tyk.io with the empty API key:

Your API Key
Your API key is below - please keep this safe, as it will be unrecoverable later, if you lose it, please speak to your portal administrator to have it reset.
• API Name: My API
• API Key:
You can find out more about Tyk, or the Tyk API Gateway here
The Tyk.io team

Thanks for letting us know - we are investigating the issue.


It looks like an update that was pushed yesterday caused a regression with the portal UI, we have since rolled back and tokens should be generating as normal.

Please accept our apologies, this should not have occurred and we are adjusting our QA process accordingly.

Many thanks,

Thanks, Martin! We are good to go.

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