Tyk 2.0 Analytics not displayed in dashboard

We’re having trouble getting the dashboard to display any analytics data. The gateway is proxying our apis correctly, and tyk-pump seems to be working fine since mongo is receiving data from the gateway. The log section of the dashboard is correctly displaying recent api activity as well. I’m wondering if this might be a configuration issue on our end, or if anyone else has experienced this problem?

Hmmm, if the log section is displaying request data, then the dashboard is receiving analytics. There is a cache in place to speed up access, so Analytics queries can be cached (eve if you refresh), try adding a day to the range and pressing the search button, this will bust the cache.

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That did it! Thanks a lot.

Can you please expose a configuration option for setting the cache TTL on these endpoints? The workaround with changing the dates is not a real solution. You would expect that refreshing your browser would update the data, so ideal solution would be to cache on the client side, not on the server side. You can simply employ HTTP cache headers on the response and let the browser to the caching (and cache invalidation). But for now, a configurable cache TTL would also do the trick.