Trace routing along with Tyk


Was wonering if there is a way to setup trace routing using a plugin or a library along with Tyk ?


Hi Prashath,

I’m not sure I understand - you want to trace the route from the client through Tyk?


Sorry I wasn’t clear.

So we are trying to implement route tracing throughout our apis.
We might be using zipkin to log the trace.

So i was wondering if there is support for logging these traces through zipkin or any other library.
Also, to start this trace, we’d be generating a random number for each request and log some data.
trace_id : 123
span_id : 456

Tyk would then send this information of trace_id, span_id etc as part of headers in the proxy request to the service, which can then be used by the services to log more information.

Hope this is a bit clearer.


Gotcha… You could look at using the JavaScript middleware to enrich requests, that would be the only hook I can see without modifying core to support another lib.

We’ve been considering a sink for data like this, but it’s not on the roadmap yet.

Thanks Martin.

Will try it out with the middleware JS.