Settings and Syntax in Endpoint Designer. URL rewrite not working

I need some help with rewrite rule.
My API has following definitions:

a) In API core settings, the target endpoint of the API is:

b) And the settings in endpoint designer are as following:

Calling real endpoint (in browser and Postman) is okay:

But calling tyk API, I get error 404 page not found. The request to tyk is fine: tyk log browser is “200”.
So my conclusion is that the request from tyk to my endpoint is not okay. But I can not find the cURL from tyk to my endpoint to review it. The request and response windows in log viewer are empty.

May you please review the settings in endpoint designer. URL rewrite is not working. Is there something wrong with the syntax?

I’d suggest just hard-coding a rewrite (no capture groups) to see if you’re actually hitting the rewrite, if the log browser is showin a 200 response code then that is what the upstream is sending, if you’re seeing a 404 in the browser, then there’s something very odd going on. Can you share a screenshot of the 404 error?

Screenshot attached:

Actually, I am using a hard-coded rewrite at the endpoint for an existing product. But for product-adjustments, I need more flexibility and I thought, it would be a good idea to make a rewrite directly in tyk cloud.