Setting up environment variables in tyk gateway - CE

Hi Friends,
I am exploring the Tyk community edition API gateway on docker. When i try to get list of API keys via api i.e GET → http://:/tyk/keys and using x-tyk-authorization = in header. it’s giving me error in response.
“status”: “error”,
“message”: “Hashed key listing is disabled in config (enable_hashed_keys_listing)”
As per link Tyk Gateway Configuration Options . We might need to enable TYK_GW_ENABLEHASHEDKEYSLISTING. So my question is how to enable it at (container os / docker host / some where else). Please help me in resolving this


Hello @chandresh_bots and welcome to the community.

You can use environment variables at the container level. Here is a quick example below

      - TYK_LOGLEVEL=info

Hope this helps

Thanks Olu, will surely give it a try.
Can we specify this configuration tyk.conf file also?

Great to hear that. You can read more about Tyk environment variables here. So let us know if you run into any issues.

As for configuration files, yes, you can use them along with docker shared volumes to make changes persists.

Hope this helps.