Setting the portal name has issues

Hi Guys,

I have been banging my head into an issue where the CNAME fails to get set due to an undetermined reason.

  • When I try to set the CNAME of my portal to
    this fails

  • When I try to set the CNAME of my portal to
    this succeeds

We now added the above reference in the local DNS server, but I’m really wondering what causes this issue; is some kind of script checking for at least 3 dots to block the use of an IP address here?

Hi. What error do you get? Do you see an error in the browser console?

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The response was something in the line of:
“Unable to set the CNAME” and a request to contact support.

I’m responding from my bed actually (and my left eye is allready sleeping) so if you want a screenshot I’ll provide that tomorrow of you like.


The cname validation refer for the drop down is extremely strict and needs to be changed which is why you received this error.

You can achieve the same result by using the dashboard admin API to set your org cname directly (it does require a process restart this way though).

We’ll address this in a future release, thanks for flagging it up!



Thanks Martin,

Will track the release notes on it since our DNS is feeling “dirty” now. :slight_smile: