Search APIs in Dashboard

I have just defined 12 APIs using the Dashboard and now I am struggling to find APIs to edit as we have names that exactly look similar and I am going squint. I just ended up changing version in the wrong API and now I am struggling to find which one I changed :slight_smile:

We are partly to blame for the confusing naming that we have but I strongly think there should be a powerful search feature for APIs on the dashboard that should allow users to search for a specific API including endpoints, listen-path, domain, version, names ,etc. Its critical both in development and even more critical during operations as you don’t want to end up de-activating the wrong api.


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@Martin Wondering if you can give some input on this?

Hi! This feature sounds interesting, we will discuss it with the team!

Hi, we’re planning to include this feature in version 2.4.



Hi there,
doesn’t seem to make it to actual version (gateway 2.7 and dashboard 1.7.1). Am I right?
Are you planning to add a fulltext search of all relevant API informations incl. documentation and all endpoints with parameters to the developer portal? For me that seams to be equally if not even more important.
Regards, Nils

Worth noticing that this thread was about Dashboard APIs not Portal ones. API search (by name) was added in Dashboard 2.6.

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