API full text search in developer portal


developer portal doesn’t seem to have any search functionality for the catalogue at the moment. Even in the Dashboard I can search for titles of the API’s only.

Am I correct, there is no possibility to search for an API based on all the informations available for the APIs deployed to the gateway? It would be very helpful to be able to search for APIs by their swagger docs with all methods, descriptions, …

If I would add Elastic Search as a separate data sink. Would it be possible to search for APIs in it? We could read from an ES index from a custom Developer Portal and build our own full text search. Or does the data sinks just contain analytics data about request counts / load informations of deployed APIs?

Would be very helpful if somebody could give me a hint on how to integrate / build described search functionality. Or do you plan to implement a similar functionality officially? This Thread looks like that, but it doesn’t seam to made it to a release, so far.

Regards, Nils

All API data available though Dashboard API. So, in general you can export it, and implement the search, if you are using a custom portal.

Even with built in portal, you can modify templates, and for example include https://www.algolia.com/ widget to the page (and in advance feeding API data to it).