Redigo Error In Dashboard


Hi Experts,

In our Dashboard logs, we see the below error at interval of every 5 seconds.
level=error msg=“Session key not found” error=“redigo: nil returned”

I do understand it has something to do with session but I am not able to root down the cause of issue

TYK Setup : On - Prem
Dashboard login is through 3rd Party LDAP using TIB



This is a known issue, which should be fixed in next patch release.
Issues itself should not affect dashboard functionality.

Thank you.


Hi @leon

Thanks for the response, yes indeed functionality is not getting impacted, but it is unnecessary increasing the space with logs.

Is there any ETA for this release as well ?

Ajitesh Srivastava


where can i contact the support of i need a PM with them


@ajitesh.srivastava: hopefully next week.
@Joshua_Osabel : support at