/portal/portal-assets contains outdated swagger-ui bundle with bugs

I have added a swagger.json documentation for one of my API^s that uses oauth password flow with scopes.

When I visit the Tyk Developer Portal and select “View documentation” for the APi, it seems that the swagger-ui bundled with the Dashboard (located in /portal/portal-assets - I’m using the docker image ykio/tyk-dashboard) is an older version that contains an bug when encoding the scopes for oauth password flow. This bug in swagger-ui was fixed here

Solution: update the swagger-ui bundled with ykio/tyk-dashboard to the latest version.

We going to update swagger UI in next major release 2.6, which is planned to release in a few weeks.


That’s good news!

In the meantime, can I just replace the swagger js files in my container by the latest official dist from swagger, or are those swagger assets in any way customized by tyk ?

Nope, we do not customize them, so feel free to do that as temporary solution.

Perfect. Thx for the super quick responses.