Portal Developer APIs - Incorrect Docs

I’m testing out the Portal Developer APIs for my own use case and I came across various issues while sending the request. FYI, I’m using On Prem version of Tyk (Docker).
List of APIs responding with 404 Status Code:

  1. Add Key to Developer.
  2. Change Developer Key Policy.
  3. Revoke Developer Key.

Please note that I’m giving the correct values in the path params of the request (namely Developer Id and Key id), yet it doesn’t seem to work.

I believe there are various errors in the documentation.
Correct URL: /api/portal/developers/:Id/keys
URL in Docs: /portal/developers/:Id/subscriptions

Hi @selvamp, thanks for always contributing to the forums. I can see the resource URL /portal/developers/:Id/subscriptions is also part of the deprecated APIs in the docs. I have noted that and would involve the documentation team.

Sure @Olu.
Happy to help :slight_smile: