OpenTelemetry support for Tyk

Hi is there any plan to add OpenTelemetry support for Tyk?

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We do have plans to support this. It is currently on our Todo list but there is no timeline at the moment.

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Any news here? I’m looking forward this feature.

We still have this in our backlog with no timeline yet. I will keep this thread updated as soon as I get the latest.

hello everyone, thank you for your patience!

We are starting our work on OpenTelemetry. Here are a couple of things we’d love to learn from you:

  • Why would you like to get distributed tracing from Tyk API Gateway? How will this make your life easier?
  • Which observability platform/tool are you using (Datadog, Dynatrace, New Relic, Elastic, HoneyComb, Splunk, Lightstep, Jaeger, Grafana Tempo, …)?
  • Do you have any specific requirements (e.g. format being used for trace-context propagation, granularity of the spans we will export, sampling, baggage, …)

Please share your input in this post: FAQ: OpenTelemetry & Distributed tracing

thank you!

Using prometheus with Grafana would be very useful. A Grafana dashboard that I can just point to Prometheus.

hi @javiertc! I have shared a demo that contains a Grafana dashboard in this post (also contain the link to GitHub) - does this help? or are you looking into getting additional insights?