No error tags shown on Jaeger integration

I have integrated Jaeger with Tyk and I am able to see the spans.

But upon error there isn’t any error tag attached in Jaeger UI. When checked with tyk gateway source code I could not find any SetTag() method or Set() method to set error tag being called. Is any alternative method being used for it or did I missed out something? Won’t Tyk add error tags to the spans when an error occurs?

When an error occurs I only had spans till the place where error occurred. I believe it is the normal behaviour. Please correct me if it is not?

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@Olu @Martin I could not find logs fields also in the span. Can somebody please help me with this urgently. Should I add some additional configuration to get the log field, error tag etc. I am currently following methods, code snippets mentioned in Tyk documentation. I am using jaeger all-in-one docker image with Tyk open source.

Attaching screenshot of a span for Tyk trace for reference. Notice there isn’t any logs field. Also upon errors the error tag is not set.

This is a screenshot of tracing done using Jaeger for hotrod application.

Notice in second image the error tag is set when error happens and the additional “Logs” field.
Is it because I am missing out some configuration or something else?

Hi @sailor, I have asked this internally and waiting for a response. I will update this thread as soon as I get a reply

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Hi @sailor, thanks for your patience. We found that error spans in Jaeger tracing are not logged correctly and a bug report has been filed. I will follow up with the issue and update this thread when I get the latest.

@Olu Thank you for letting me know.

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