Newbie question on Policies/Catalogues


I am getting started with Tyk Cloud with some success but am struggling with publishing APIs via Catalogue.

I created a policy which gives access to a couple of APIs and the first time I use this policy for a catalogued API that’s fine but if I am unable to apply that policy to another catalogued API - the Dashboard Add Catalogue optin only displays policies not already associated with a catalogue.

Am I doing something wrong or just confused (either/both is likely!)?


You’re not doing anything wrong, the catalogue actually links a policy to an entry, and that link is one-to-one, so you can’t re-use an existing policy, because they grant access to the same thing :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin,

That makes sense (now!).


That makes sense, but say you want to split the swagger doc for those couple api. (one doc for one api)
You cannot do it, because you can only attach one documentation to one policy (catalogue entry).

How you guy handle thoses scenario ?

We’ve had this before - and what the user ended up doing was merging the swagger docs (not ideal), it;s something we need to figure out still, we’re open to ideas! :slight_smile: