Missing email for key request

I’m playing around to understand usage of Portal Management. In Portal Management - Settings, I’ve activated “Require key approval” and enabled API Key approval email.

The test-user I’m using received an email for account creation, but has not received an email for key approval. Moreover, also the administrator of Portal Management does not received an email that someone requires an API Key. Is there a possibility to let the administrator know if someone approves a key?

Moreover, when I approve the key request in Portal Management, I get an error “Failure generating token, please contact your administrator”. I do not understand, why this error occurs. Can you explain it to me?

The test user will not get a key approval email. You must supply this to them yourself if using the manual approval process.

There is a way to let the administrator know that there is a key by updating the organisation object in mongoDB and setting the “events” section to be:

"event_options": {
    "key_request_event": {
        "email": "[email protected]"

You can use the dashboard Admin API to do this

@Martin : thanks, but I can not find the “dashboard Admin API” in Tyk Cloud. Can you give me advice where to find this input fields in Tyk Cloud?

It is not available in Tyk cloud - we must enable it for you if you have a paid account.

O.K. - I understand. Thanks for answer.