Key custom Id value


is it possible to create a key with predefined id?

curl localhost:8080/tyk/keys -X POST --header "x-tyk-authorization: foo" -d '
  "quota_max": 0,
  "rate": 3,
  "per": 10,
  "org_id": "org-id-api-key",
  "access_rights": {
      "delivery-apikey": {
          "api_name": "delivery-apikey",
          "api_id": "delivery-apikey",
          "versions": [
          "allowed_urls": [],
          "limit": null,
          "allowance_scope": ""

My backend service expects request with API-Key which is stored in DB and call my API like this:

curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/delivery/v1/ -H “X-Api-Key:ksjhdfskfhskdfhskd2khf23kfh23kfh23f”

so tyk should check that X-Api-Key is present in request and my backend service should validate the Key.

When you mean id, you mean the key value right?

If yes, then all you need to do is call the Gateway Key API with your custom value appended at the end of the url. You can also do the same thing with our Dashboard API, if that is your preference. The dashboard API can be used as a guide for the gateway API.

Hope this helps.