Is it possible to keep the log data in Tky Dashboard (Log Browser)?


I am using Tyk Dashboard to create APIs. In the API core setting, I turn on the ‘Enable Detailed Logging’.

After I sent some request to my APIs, I can see the logging information being shown in the log browser.

However, after sometimes (like after few days), when I click on the log browser, I noticed that I cannot see the previous logging.

I am just wondering is there any way for me to find the previous logging? Is it Tyk Dash board will clear the data in log browser after sometimes? Can I find my previous log in any folder? I set the logging level to debug in the tyk.config file already.

Thanks and regards,

Maan Tarng

Hi @maantarng, how many days has passed since you can’t see the new logging?

If you are on Self Managed, then you could increase the capacity on the analytics storage data. I assume detailed logging is still enabled. If so, then we do have a caveat about the large amount of data it generates. We advice turning it on only for short periods of time during debugging.

Hi @Olu , Thanks for your help and information.