Implicit flow in swagger based api with wrong redirect uri


We have imported our API using our swagger spec in tyk. We want to use the tyk portal to let other developers see and test our api via the swagger ui, visible in tyk. Before other developers can test any endpoint, they need to authenticate against our own Identity Provider.

But we have a problem authenticating users. Users get redirected to our Identity Provider correctly. But, when you enter your credentials, you get redirected back to http://localhost:3200/oauth2-redirect.html. This redirect_uri is passed to our identity provider from tyk, in the request to our Identity Provider.

We are not able to find out, how we can alter this redirect_uri in tyk. Does anyone know how we can do this?

With kind regards,


Hi Martin,

Are you able to share your swagger spec? This may help with understanding the issue you are facing a bit more as it’s not something which has been encountered before.