How to use tyk-mw-grpcgo-lambda

Hi is there any example on how to use tyk-mw-grpcgo-lambda ? I see this is a repo maintained by Tyk (GitHub - TykTechnologies/tyk-mw-grpcgo-lambda: Invoking Lambda function directly from Tyk gRPC plugin) but the doc is not clear. Is there any example on how to call an AWS Lambda function from Tyk ?

The most important factor is which of the Tyk supported languages you wish to use.
Are you hoping to use gRPC, Golang, or Python ?

For example here’s a go plugin example. Using Go, you simply pull in the AWS SDK library and use the SDK to invoke Lambda.

gRPC is very similar using the link you found.

Hi and thanks, I would like to use Nodejs. Is that possible ?

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