How to specify analytics plugin in OAS API object

Hi, I want to add an analytics plugin according to Analytics Plugins, but when I check how to add it to an OAS API object as per TYK OAS API Object, I see there is no field related to analytics plugin. It only mentions prePlugin, postAuthenticationPlugin, postPlugin and responsePlugin.

Is there a way to specify analytics plugin in OAS API object?

Hi @bls,

Thank you for your interest in trying Tyk OAS. We’re really excited to be bringing this feature to users such as yourself.

Unfortunately we don’t yet support the custom Analytics Plugin with Tyk OAS, but it’s on our feature roadmap. I’ve just checked the feature status matrix and can see we’ve accidentally missed it off the list.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience - and will ensure that the page is corrected.

I’d love to know if there are any other Tyk features that you’re aiming to use but are not currently supported by Tyk OAS while it’s in Early Access.

Thanks and my apologies again that the custom analytics plugin is not yet available in Tyk OAS.

Hi, great to hear its on roadmap. When is it planned to be implemented?

Hi @bls,

We’re aiming to get this support added during the first half of this year, though release schedules might see it end up early in the second half.

I hope this helps!

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