How to invoke my API after i import the API from swagger(Tyk On-premises)

i have installed the tyk by following the guide: //

and i login in my local dashboard, import the api from swagger, but , now , how i could invoke the api . just like the example tyk_gateway(use a brower and type:http://localhost:8080/tyk-api-test/get)

there is something wrong???

If you open the api designer of the api you imported, it should show you the URL

you mean this URL??? but when i visit it , just return a empty page like:

I set some mock data for my api by using api designer, but it just a empty page with nothing

where is my api???

That is the API endpoint that will proxy to your upstream endpoints. That page in the browser for example, is not being generated by Tyk.

What are you expecting?

what i have done:
i finished my rest api , and i deploy it. for example, i can visit then i will get the detail info witch build id equals 12. but , now i import the API from swagger, and i set up the tartget URL with my own service , at the same time, i write the mock data for each API
what is my expecting:
now i use gateway to proxy my service, i just want to get a URL(it’s not my own service, just a proxy url), then i can use it to get the api data. i even wonder if i haven’t the target url, but i get the api mock response, if i can get the mock data???
okay, now i just don’t know how to invoke my API after i create the api on tyk

  1. Add API to Tyk
  2. Make a request to the listen path set

That’s all there is to it, have you tried the tutorial:

Maybe try the basic API first to get a feel for how it’s supposed to work before jumping into swagger imports?.