How to integrate a Go-plugin

Hi, I’m trying to integrate a simple plugin to the gateway. But I got the following error message.

time="Apr 01 07:49:53" level=error msg="Could not load Go-plugin" error="goplugin.GetHandler is disabled, use -tags=goplugin to enable" mwPath=/proxy/plugins/ mwSymbolName=AddFooBarHeader

And here’s my app.json

  "pre": [
      "name": "AddFooBarHeader",
      "path": "/proxy/plugins/"
  "driver": "goplugin",

Could I get some help?

@ZivLi Hello and welcome to the community :tada:

I searched the error and the only result that came up was that Go plugins are not included in main binary. This could mean the that the version and build of the gateway you are using doesn’t support Golang plugins.

Can you share how you got the Tyk gateway? Did you build it from source or did you pull it from a container registry?