How to create search and pagination of API Catalogue on developerportal

Hi ,
I have around 20 API’S available in API Catalogue.
I want to create a customize developer portal which allows developer to filter API by entering the API name in search bar and also is it possible to include pagination of API Catalogue. Like 5 API Per Page.

Can we do this type of customisation on TYk developer portal. Is there any example available.

As the API grows it is very difficult to view all the API on the same page.It will be good feature if these functionality are included in the official TYk Developer Portal.

Thanks and Regards

Hi Tushar

This can be achieved, but it will need you to do a plenty of custom coding to achieve.
There are some really interesting examples and guides here:

Dev portal is proprietary code, not part of the open source project. If you contact the team at they’ll be able to provide some advice and point you to examples.