How to configure the "Your API key" email?


When you request a key on Tyk Cloud and it’s approved you get an Email from “The team” with “Your API key”.
Is it possible to customize this email (or disable it)?

Hi chlab,

It’s actually possible to do this in the portal configuration settings. If you scroll down to the bottom of the following page, you should be able to customise the message sent:

Jess @ Tyk

Hi Jess

Thanks, that one was obvious, sorry :worried:
I even saw that setting but for some reason thought it was a different email.

Is it possible to change the “From” name of the Email? Right now it’s from “The Tyk team”, which our developers do not know.



Just to confirm, when you change the value in the “From email address” and “Email from name” input boxes on the portal configuration page, does the email sent out still say that it’s come from “The Tyk team”?

Jess @ Tyk

Hi Jess

Thanks for the tip, that works! Didn’t think of it because it’s listed under “Welcome email customisation”, which we aren’t using.