How is VPN implemented in TYK?

Well, the issue is that the Gateway that you want to use is TYK ( The CLOUD version of that software (as a service) runs on AWS, but the APIS that will have to be executed will be in GCP.
For that to work securely there should be a VPN (private network) between that service and the servers that have the APIS.
Therefore, I would like to know how TYK has implemented VPN management.

@Bayron_Douglas_Reyes ,

great question thanks!

We don’t offer VPN management between Tyk and your APIs. However, there are a few ways you can secure the communication between the two parties.

  1. In a cloud only solution, you may use mTLS to secure the connection both ways between your APIs and Tyk API Gateway.
  2. Less secure than the first approach, however you can have Tyk inject a secret via Header that your APIs or the Google Ingress will use to authenticate requests
  3. More expensive product, Tyk Hybrid, will allow you to run Gateways anywhere, including GCP, in front of your APIs. They connect to Tyk Master control plane to pull configurations.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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