Help with tyk_context and tyk_meta in Response Body Transform Template

I am attempting to use the context and meta variables within the response body transform template, but I keep getting <no value>. I have enabled context variables in the dashboard config. I have set the Input Type to JSON. An example of how I am trying to access:

{ "request_path": "{{._tyk_context.path}}" }

In my response I see:

{ "request_path": "<no value>" }

I have tried accessing all the properties of tyk_context and tyk_meta but am seeing <no value> for all of them. Thanks for any assistance.

Ah, this only works on requests, not responses.

Ok thank you Martin for the reply. Is there response middleware that does have access to these? Is there any other response middleware other than using templates?


That’s all we have at the moment I’m afraid :-/

This now also works for response body