Getting http timeout, unable to set JSVM_HTTP_REQUEST_TIMEOUT

I am using version 3.2.1 (downgraded from 4.2.3 because of sprig not functioning correctly).

I’ve set "jsvm_http_request_timeout": 120 in tyk.conf but I still receive an error msg="JS middleware timed out after 5s"

I’ve also tried to override the conf with

  value: "60"

in the k8 deployment service.


I can’t find any mention of jsvm_http_request_timeout in our documentation or the tyk source. Are you able to point it out?

The nearest I could find was jsvm_timeout which limits the total time of the execution of the JSVM for an API call. This defaults to 5 seconds so is probably what is limiting the runtime of the JSVM.


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I searched for 5 seconds timeout error and came across this. That’s the exact problem I was facing. The correct setting isn’t mentioned there. Eventually I came across that jsvm_http_request_timeout .

Yep so jsvm_timeout works.