Error using Cloudflare Origin Certificates

I created a Cloudflare origin certificate. It generates two files:

  • cert.pem
  • key.pem

This is my conf:

 "http_server_options": {
    "use_ssl": true,
    "prefer_server_ciphers": true, 
    "certificates": [
        "domain_name": "*",
        "cert_file": "./cert.pem",
        "key_file": "./key.pem"

And I’m getting this error in the log:

http: TLS handshake error from EOF

The IP belongs to Cloudflare.

Hi @Olu can I get some help with this?

Hi @javiertc,

Sorry for the delayed response.

What version is your gateway, please?
I can’t seem to find any reference to “prefer_server_ciphers” in GW configs

Is this all the info you’re getting in the logs? If you set your “log_level” to debug and restart, the logs might show more information. Are you able to do that, please?

I have the log_level in debug and that’s everything it shows. I’m using 4.1.0.

Did you try to reach your server via an HTTP or unsecured endpoint after setting up ssl?