Error templates don't appear to work

I’ve created error templates for 403 and 404 errors as described here:
They don’t work. The normal Tyk or Target error content is returned.

  • Are the docs correct?
  • Do these templates apply to Tyk errors or to target errors or both?

I’ve changed the text of error.json and that is served up so I know the file mapping is correct (I’m running the Docker quickstart for OSX).

They apply to Tyk errors, errors generated upstream will still remain the proxied version.

Ok. They definitely don’t work.

It looks like you are correct, they only work with untracked APIs, I’ve added a backlog ticket:

However modifying the error.json file does work as expected (you need to restart the process).

Is the bug still open in v2.3.3?

Hi Sai,

yes, this fix will be part of the v2.4 release.

Kos @ Tyk Support Team