404 Error Template

I am having an issue when setting up custom error templates. While the right templates are being rendered for 400, 401 and 403, the 404 template is completely ignored.

This previous thread suggests that it should be possible. Is there something different that I should do for 404 errors?

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I am having the same error with 404 error templates.
Is there any solution for this issue?

Same 403 and 401 do work for me. not 404. I’m checking it and will update you when I know more.


Current error templates work on API level, and if there is 404 error coming from the API, it probably should work.

But if you encounter 404 error, where no API found or similar, it will get default error message.

Hope it makes sense!

So yes Tyk doesn’t overwrite 404 since it’s not part of a certain API. I am not sure how to make try to return 404 for recognisable APIs so not sure we even have such use case. Anyway, Tyk should probably overwrite 404s even if it’s not under a certain api and I created this bug that clarifies it. Please feel free to comment on it why do you think it’s important and what is your use case.