Error 404 when trying to access to API endpoint

Hello everyone, i’m new in tyk cloud so I followed the documentation and youtube videos to set up my environment with edge and API but when I try to access to an API endpoint I run into error http 404 not found. These are the guides that I used:

  1. link to set up edge: Managing Edge Gateways
  2. link to set up api: Task 5 - Deploy your Edge Gateway and add your first API

It looks strange because I followed both step by step but also adding the tag “edge” to advanced API options it’s not working.

Can someone help me reaching the endpoint? I can attach the edge and api endpoint screenshots if needed.
Thanks everyone.

Hi @Gregorio and welcome to the community.

Couple of quick questions/actions:

  1. What’s your version? You can see it at the top left of the dashboard
  2. You mention you cannot add the tag edge in the advanced options. Can you add any other text? Do note that you have to click the update button at the top right to update the API.
  3. Can you call the /hello liveness endpoint from one of your edge gateways and share the result?

Hi @Olu thank you for your reply.

I’m actually using v 5.0.0 for edge and api.

There was a misunderstanding on my question, I CAN add the “edge” tag on advanced options but also if I have added it I can’t reach the endpoint with error 404 not found.

This is the result of /hello endpoint call:

"description":"Tyk GW",
"output":"Could not connect to RPC",

Thanks again, waiting for your reply.

There seems to be an RPC connection error with your edge gateway. I don’t think it would self heal, so you might want to delete that deployment and create another instance.

Let us know how it goes