Environment Variables for OAuth2.0 Introspection Plugin for Tyk Gateway


I am referring to this OAuth2.0 Introspection Plugin for Tyk Gateway at Github (https://github.com/asoorm/tyk-go-plugins/tree/master/oauth2_introspection) to learn about Tyk plugin.

In this Github project, it mentions that the configuration is via environment variables: OAUTH2_INTROSPECT_ENDPOINT, and OAUTH2_INTROSPECT_AUTHORIZATION.

But when I referred to Tyk gateway and dashboard configurations (Tyk Gateway Configuration Options) & (Tyk Dashboard Configuration Options), I couldn’t find these two mentioned variables.

How to set these environment variables? How to relate these two variables to Tyk environment variables? Is there any update on this Github project?



Maan Tarng

Hi @maantarng ,

The environment variable names are arbitrary and are specific to this plugin. If they were called something else in the init function then you would use that name. They just provide a method to avoid hard coding the information into the plugin.

There isn’t anything special to setting the environment variables, you can just follow the normal process for your deployment method. But exactly what that is depends on how you deployed tyk.


@Pete Thanks for your help and information.